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North Forte Estate

Cyprus Real Estate Agency

Our Vision

As North Forte Estate, our vision is to meet the expectations of our customers and to become a corporate company in the Republic of Northern Cyprus by following the current technological developments focused on public interest and directing the market. Along with client pleasure, one of our ambitions is to be an organization that values its employees and respects their preferences. It is important to us that our employees can work happily in the company and use their creative abilities to provide successful projects and high-quality services. While providing all these services, it is also very important for us to preserve our traditional values. We aim to provide successful work by prioritizing customer satisfaction in our work and providing fast, high-quality service with our employees while all this is happening. One of our main goals is to fully meet the expectations of our customers and provide them with the appropriate service. We aim to be a solution partner for our customers by developing solutions that meet their specific requirements. Our primary goals are to deliver the best service to our customers, who want to buy, sell, or rent, and to exceed their expectations. With our innovative ideas, our understanding of quality service provides more and more development every day. It is among our goals to realize our services quickly without sacrificing quality or wasting time, apart from all these, and to ensure the development of the real estate sector. Our general principles are to provide quality service to our customers, to continuously improve our service quality, to protect the rights of our customers by closely following them, to be sensitive to the environment, and to be reliable. As a team, we continue our work by adopting the working principle of 100% customer satisfaction.

About Us

As the North Forte Estate family, we are an ambitious, principled, honest, and dedicated organization that works without compromising customer satisfaction. We are a Cyprus-based real estate company that concentrates solely on the real estate industry, delivers services based on client satisfaction, and provides customers buying, selling, and renting options. Our goal is to assist you in making quick and accurate decisions in your transactions, such as buying or renting, by easily accessing filtered real estate advertisements from your mobile phones, tablets, or computers. We provide this service for you by utilizing latest technology. Our website is a resource for anyone looking to invest, sell, or rent real estate, or in search of a new house. With our professional team, we dedicate ourselves to providing the finest service possible to our valued customers. We value your time just as much as you do. For this reason, we prioritize quality and fast service in the services we provide for you. One of our goals is to be an organization that strives for excellence by closely following industry innovations and developments, incorporating new ones into our structure, providing development opportunities to our employees, meeting our customers' expectations, and adding more development to ourselves day by day. In accordance with these goals, we provide you with the best service possible by continuing our understanding of customer satisfaction and quality service.


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